The park of Château de la Chaix was the personal project of Madame Jacquet.

Because the house had lain empty for 40 years, the park was in a bad shape when we arrived. The alleés and trees more than a century old, including Cedar, Canadian Beech, Linden, Sequoia  and Sycamore have been conserved till today.

There are many unique moments to discover in the one-hectare park:

  •     French-style greensward with roses and boxwood alleés
  •     “Paradise” garden with aromatic herbs
  •     Forest area with its wild flowers and strawberries
  •     Pétanque court- a classic French garden game to be enjoyed with aperitif!
  •     Kitchen herb garden
  •     Open air breakfast terrace
  •     Lovers pavilion

  • Kiosque
  • Parc